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About us

What is Aflak Solutions

AFLAK Solutions for Communications and IT Ltd. was established beginning of 2007 in Riyadh to meet the increasing demand in IT solutions and Security Systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We develop the software and implementation for Biometric Devices, whether it's for protecting data access, employee attendance, or door/area control, we got all covered, At AFLAK we provide IT and Communication services in the following area of expertise

Our Mission


We are on a mission to empower your supply chain by digitizing the way you collaborate with your teams and network of partners.
By enhancing the visibility of your external supply chain, Provide the most advanced services with the highest quality standard in IT and Security Systems. Establish long-term successful partnerships with AFLAK Technology Solutions clients, staff members, and business partners.

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Our Vision


Our vision is to provide the best support, comprehensive, and multiple solutions, and we look forward to providing Achieving excellent customer satisfaction.

Provide the best products & services, Delivered by the best people, Proven execution approach, and the Highest quality standards.

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Some of the immediete benefits businesses are experiencing

Empower your Supply Chain

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Streamline Work

Simplify your work, while having everything organized to focus on what matters.

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Be All Knowing

With real-time data and updates, be able to react faster to this ever changing world.

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Optimize Workflows

Defined workflows, milestones, and tasks makes it easy for teams and partners to collaborate.

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Anywhere, Anytime

Launch your Supply Chain to the cloud, where your team can work from anywhere, anytime.

Made for the Next Generation

infologsystems is built for Shippers and Logistics Service Providers. We help you leverage Supply Chain 4.0 to streamline complex operations while collaborating with your network.


Includes both importers and exporters. Arqflow helps you get instant updates from your service providers and streamline the flow of your orders.

Logistics Service Providers

Freight forwarders, customs agents, 3PLs, 4PL, and other service providers. We help you get into the digital era of logistics.